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At the output of the final layer of yolo, a leaky-relu is applied to the output, so if we have negative values for the width and height, the cost function will return a null value since we would have square rooted a negative value at the second sum of the cost. Thus not able to update the weights using back prop.

Am I wrong about this or is there something I am missing here? If I am not wrong, how do we guarantee the width and height to be positive?

According to their source code, actually they use an exp operation to ensure $w$ and $h$ are non-negative values.

box get_region_box(float *x, float *biases, int n, int index, int i, int j, int w, int h, int stride) {     box b;     b.x = (i + x[index + 0*stride]) / w;     b.y = (j + x[index + 1*stride]) / h;     b.w = exp(x[index + 2*stride]) * biases[2*n]   / w;     b.h = exp(x[index + 3*stride]) * biases[2*n+1] / h;     return b; } 

Here w and h are width and height of the network input, b.w and b.h are normalized width and height of the bonding box, x is last layer's output. It's not very clear what biases are though.

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