Solved – Why does the research findings contradict the hypothesis result

From my research findings/results it was clear that lecturers and students use different web 2.0 applications. But my null hypothesis result is contradicting this one of my null hypotheses is 'there is no significant difference between the web 2.0 application commonly used by students and those used by lecturers'.

Please help, I am confused

I am not sure I understand your question, but I think I see what is confusing you. The null hypothesis (usually something like "there is no difference", "there is no relationship") is what you want to reject. If your results indicate that there is a difference, then you reject the null (that is the desired outcome of a test, nearly always). If the data do not show a difference, then you fail to reject the null. A failure to reject the null could be due to low power, poor measurement, a bad theory or other things.

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