Solved – What does it mean to have an F-value of .000 and Sig. of 1.000 (in SPSS)

We conducted this very simple 2×2 Between Subjects Factorial Design Experiment, where the DV were their answers to a classic insight problem. Since there is only one correct answer to the problem, the values for the DV were either 1 if the answer was correct and 0 if it was not.

The results I got was an F-value of .000 and Sig. (p value) of 1.000 for one variable and the interactio n. Is there something wrong with my data? Perhaps the DV shouldn't have been dichotomous? What do you suggest I do?

Ok, so either to get interval data or you can use any technique that is applicable when working with nominal variables (since binary is only a special case). In this article, tutorial on how to choose the most appropriate test is available together with examples so you can compare your situation to any from that article.

In summary, Cochran, McNemar and chi-square tests are widely used when testing group differences with nominal instead of at least ordinal variables.

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