Solved – Weighted spatial clustering

I am pretty new to clustering, so please be patient.

I have a set of points, and each point has a weight. I need to group these points into N clusters (N is defined).

I need these clusters to satisfy two conditions:

  • The points of a cluster must be spatially connected.
  • If a cluster has points with high weights, it must be smaller (less points). On the contrary, if the sum of the weights is small, it must have more points.

I have read another post that did something very similar.

It defined the distance between points, inserting the weight as a forth dimension. Then it defined several parameters to give more importance to the distance or to the weights. I cannot define these parameters (I think this would change for each example I try).

Also, this other post did not recommend any clustering algorithm…and I don't know where to start.

Thanks for the help!

PS: By the way, it would help if the algorithm is very fast.

For anybody who wants to know the answer, this is what I finally did:

I implemented a normal K-Means algorithm, but with some modifications:

  • The calculation of the centroid is site = Sum(p * weight^alpha) / Sum(weight^alpha) for all the points that belong to that site.

  • The calculation of the squared distance between point p and site s is squareDistance(p,s)*weight^alpha where alpha is some constant > 0.

The only problem is that my implementation is very slow 🙁

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