Solved – Two different levels of Likert scale

I have two different data sets, one of them is a 7-level Likert scale and another is a 5-level Likert scale. In addition to the different number of levels, the 7-level Likert scale has 114 items and 13 subscales, and the 5-level Likert scale has 64 questions and 7 subscales.

Is it possible to calculate correlation among these mismatched subscales? The inventories are measuring thinking styles and learning strategies.

If the subscales are sums of several (or more) Likert items, then you can calculate correlation in the ordinary way, using Spearman's or Pearson's as appropriate, depending on the pattern of the scales.

If you want correlations among the Likert scales themselves, or if a subscale is the sum of only a couple of Likert scales, then polychoric correlations may be more appropriate; these assume that the ordinal variables are representations of an underlying latent trait that is continuous.

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