Solved – the correct spelling and capitalization of “Naive Bayes”

I wonder which form(s) are correct amongst the following:

I have also read some documents that added a diaeresis on the i, i.e. Naïve Bayes or naïve Bayes, probably reflecting the French etymology of the adjective naive.

All the forms are commonly used:, it probably depends rather on each writer's personal style and on the style guide of the publisher of the text where the phrase appeared.

Bayes is always capitalized since it is a surname.

"naive" is or is not capitalized depending on a writer's style. It could be capitalized if a writer capitalizes all names of methods (e.g. Tom Michell, quoted by you, seems to capitalize also "Maximum a Posteriori", or "Maximum Likelihood Estimation"). It could be lowercase if all names are written lowercase (see similar example of distributions names). "Naïve" is just a alternative spelling for "naive" so it is just a question of spelling convention used by the writer.

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