Solved – Text Annotation tools

I have tried open nlp NER for extracting organization names with not great success (It could be model is not fit for the domain I am working). So, I am planning to train Open NLP NER on my training data.

The point I am stuck on is, Annotating text. I searched on internet and found that GATE, Knowtator, BART etc., but they are complicated to setup on location machine, as well as I am not sure which tools are being used by Open NLP community for this.

Could someone please help me pointing to good Annotation tool and any references on how to use them for this purpose?


It's very simple to use. Just launch the jar file, create your tags, and start annotating. It even has a batch mode so you can keep annotating file by file. You point the app to a folder of text input files and it outputs the annotated files to a different folder.

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