Solved – Standardized coefficient for a categorical variable in logistic regression

I would like to rank independent variables in a logistic regression model based on relative importance. I've read about standardizing the variables prior to entering them in the model. So in this context, how can I standardize a categorical variable with 5 levels.

My final model has mix of continuous and categorical variables. If standardization is not the right approach for this problem please suggest me alternate approach.

It is not possible to standardize a categorical variable since there is mean nor variance defined on a categorical variable, even if it is ordinal. Instead, I would perform the model fit with the continuous and categorical varialbes within and check the statistical significance of each single predictors using TYPE III tests (see R command anova(fittedModel, test="Chisq") as example ). TYPE III tests assess the predictors' imporance by verifing if the increase in deviance residuals of the model fitted without the tested predictor is statistically significant.

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