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I realize that the statistical analysis of financial data is a huge topic, but that is exactly why it is necessary for me to ask my question as I try to break into the world of financial analysis.

As at this point I know next to nothing about the subject, the results of my google searches are overwhelming. Many of the matches advocate learning specialized tools or the R programming language. While I will learn these when they are necessary, I'm first interested in books, articles or any other resources that explain modern methods of statistical analysis specifically for financial data. I assume there are a number of different wildly varied methods for analyzing data, so ideally I'm seeking an overview of the various methods that are practically applicable. I'd like something that utilizes real world examples that a beginner is capable of grasping but that aren't overly simplistic.

What are some good resources for learning bout the statistical analysis of financial data?

You might start with this series of lectures by Robert Shiller at Yale. He gives a good overview of the field.

My favorite books on the subject:

Beyond that, you may want some general resources, and the "bible" of finance is Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives by John Hull.

Lastly, in terms of some good general books, you might start with these two:

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