Solved – Reporting Bayes factors

I have calculated a Bayes Factor BF10 for the probability of the data under H1 vs. H0. I get very large numbers (the data are very clear, statistics are barely necessary here), in the order of 10^30.

What are the guidelines to report BF10 in these cases? Should I just follow guidelines by eg. Jeffreys (1961) and report the BF > 100? Or report the actual number?

A similar problem was raised in another question. Namely, how to make a decision based on a Bayes factor. My personal position is that Jeffreys' scale is quite arbitrary and that the decision should either reflect the final impact of a wrong decision or be calibrated by posterior predictive calibration of the Bayes factor under both hypotheses.

With regard to reporting the raw figure instead of its position in Jeffreys' scale, I definitely support reporting the raw figure.

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