Solved – Reference or book on simulation of experimental design data in R

Can someone tell a reference and/or book that explain how to use R for simulation of experimental design data?

Statistical models in S, by Chambers and Hastie (Chapmann and Hall, 1991; or the so-called White Book), and to a lesser extent Modern Applied Statistics with S, by Venables and Ripley (Springer, 2002, 4th ed.), include some material about DoE and the analysis of common designs in S and R. Vikneswaran wrote An R companion to "Experimental Design", although it is not very complete (IMHO), but there are a lot other textbooks in the Contributed section on CRAN that might help you get started.

Apart from textbook, the CRAN Task View on Design of Experiments (DoE) & Analysis of Experimental Data has some good packages that ease the creation and analysis of various experimental designs; I can think of dae, agricolae, or AlgDesign (which comes with a nice vignette), to name a few.

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