Solved – R latent class multinomial logit model

I am using the flexmix package to estimate latent class multinomial logit models in R. In choice theory, there can be variables associated with the alternative (generic) or that vary with the agent (alternative-specific).

The nnet package that underlies FLXMRmultinom can't accommodate generic variables. So far, I haven't seen that the FLXMRcondlogit can handle alternative-specific ones.

The most flexible package for MNL models is mlogit. Has anyone seen an implementation of this for flexmix?

I have used both mlogit and flexmix. But there is a more general package in R called RSGHB that can easily implement the functions of those packages, as well as some things which are more difficult, such as latent class models. (I don't have enough reputation points to add as comment–strange that one needs more points for a comment…)

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