Solved – Problem with plotting with SAS

I'm very new to SAS, so please keep that in mind with any responses.

I've been running the following code in SAS:

FILENAME fishfile URL  ""; PROC FORMAT;   VALUE sexfmt 0="female" 1="male";   VALUE speciesfmt 1="common bream" 2="whitefish" 3="roach"     4="silver bream" 5="smelt" 6="pike" 7="perch";   INVALUE misscode "NA"=. ;  RUN; DATA fish;   INFILE fishfile;   INPUT obs species weight length1 length2          length3 hgtpct widpct sex;   INFORMAT weight sex misscode.;    LABEL length1="Nose to tail beginning length"         length2="Nose to tail notch length"         length3="Nose to tail end length";   FORMAT species speciesfmt. sex sexfmt.; RUN; 

All of the above code runs without any errors. The following code gives me errors:

TITLE "Finnish Fish: Species distribution"; PROC SGPLOT DATA=fish;   VBAR species; RUN; TITLE "Finnish Fish: Weight in grams"; PROC SGPLOT DATA=fish;   HISTOGRAM weight; RUN; 

I can't access the data right now so I don't have the specific error, but it says something along the lines of "Insufficient authorization" when I try to view the resulting plots. I will post the actual error message when I can access the data again, but until then I'm hoping that someone has encountered this error and found a solution.

Are you trying to open the file directly in SAS? This has caused problems for me before when working on a server. However if I open up explorer and browse to where the png file is stored (probably where your SAS program is saved) you should be able to open it from there with a variety of programs. From there I think you can isolate the program that is giving you trouble.

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