Solved – Measure of closeness

Given a list of numbers, is it possible to find out (or in other words, is there a statistical measure to tells the) the closeness of the numbers
(do note that i am not talking about correlation – this would be for 2 sequences – something like correlation between height and weight).

I am looking for something like a closeness coefficient for a given series of numbers,
so given a series [0,10,20,30,40] – the 'closeness coefficient' gives me the spread of the numbers.

It would also be nice if the 'closeness coefficient' depicts the 'density' of the numbers – but if this is a different computable statistical measure, then it shouldnt be a problem.

The simplest would be the standard deviation. Other measures of 'scale' include the MAD (median absolute deviation), the IQR (interquartile range), Winsorized standard deviation, etc. You might also be interested in the Index of Disperson, the Coefficient of Variation, or other measures of 'dispersion'.

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