Solved – Marketing Mix Modeling for sales data

I have data for 4 years with variables year, month and sales volume only. I want to find the base volume and incremental volume. I want to use Marketing Mix Modeling. Can anybody tell how to define model equation with these variables and how can I use SPSS/R for the same ?

Is it possible to build model with only these variables?

Is there any other way or statistical method to find these volume ?

Please reply…

Thanks in advance….

No, it is not possible to build such a model from the data you have (year, month, and sales volume). You did not list any information about the actual marketing mix (advertising, promotion calendars and levels, distribution, price). Plus, in most cases you will need finer time granularity (e.g. weeks), but that depends on the calendars.

You might want to start with Abraham and Lodish's work, published in Marketing Science in the 1980s and work forward using a Google Scholar search.

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