Solved – Manual computation of Gower’s similarity coefficient

There is an example on the computation of Gower's similarity coefficient on the page,

Gower's similarity coefficient

I am trying to work out the similarity manually between patient 1 and 2, however my computation is giving me completely different results. Here is the formula I use, in the order of the variables and their types
frac{left(1*left(1 – left(frac{150-120}{150-110}right)right)+ 0 + 1 + 1 + 0right)}{5}
I still cannot get the 0.0625 as indicated in the example. What am I doing wrong?

For binary attributes, the weight will not always be 1. "Hallucination" is supposed to be ignored altogether in that example.

This yields: $$ frac{(1-(frac{150-120}{150-110})+0+0+0+0}{1+1+1+0+1} = 1/16 $$

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