Solved – Log transformation not making data normal

I have a data set with positive skewness when I log tranform it tends to be negatively skewed. Is there any other transformation that I can use or any statistical method works?

The log is considered part of a whole continuum of power transformations…

Power  result   -1   1/y  -.5   1/sqrt(y)    0   log y   .5   sqrt(y)    1   y    2   y^2 

(The $0$ case is confusing because we all know that $y^0=1$. But it works out if you look at the limit of $(y^p-1)/p$ as $p$ approaches zero.)

Anyway, note that $sqrt y$ corresponds to $p=frac12$ which is between the identity and the log — so that might give you pretty good results.

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