Solved – Likert Scales multiple answers and items

I am trying to introduce my data into SPSS. At the moment i am very confused. My questionnaire comprises 8 statements, where participants have ranked from strongly disagree to strongly agree their opinions. so far so simple. the only problem is, that for each of the 8 statements there are 8 characters that the participant has to rank. Could you please let me know how can i introduce such multiple items Likert scales?

I suspect "ranked" is a mistake – you just mean "rated", right? I also think you probably mean you have 8 groups of 8 "characters" (what does "character" mean by the way), each of which gets rated on a likert scale?

And I also believe you are just asking how to do the data entry in SPSS, not an analytical question?

If so, you should have one variable for respondent, one for statement; one variable for character; and one for rating. So you have 64 rows for each respondent. And it will look something like (if you have 10 respondents, with the first called Jane and the 10th called Joe – in reality you don't need to track your respondents' names, just their ids):

   Respondent  Statement Character            Rating 1        Jane Statement1         A          disagree 2        Jane Statement1         B             agree 3        Jane Statement1         C          disagree 4        Jane Statement1         D           neither 5        Jane Statement1         E           neither 6        Jane Statement1         F             agree 7        Jane Statement1         G             agree 8        Jane Statement1         H           neither 9        Jane Statement2         A    strongly agree 10       Jane Statement2         B          disagree 11       Jane Statement2         C             agree 12       Jane Statement2         D          disagree .. 640      Joe  Statement8         H             agree 

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