Solved – Is z-score meaningful in classification or regression

I am a beginner in statistics, therefore I hope I can state my problem in a correct manner. I have a some instances or samples and I can collect below statistical parameters for classification and regression problem:

  • Sample Size
  • Minimum value
  • Maximum value
  • Standard deviation
  • Variance
  • Mean

And, I want to use z-scores to compare or classify samples, my question is: does using z-score make sense or what can I use instead of z-score to obtain meaningful classification parameter?

In order to perform linear regression you'd need not only the means and variances of the variables but also all their covariances (or equivalently their correlations).

If you can collect the means, variances and covariances/correlations separately in each of the classes you wish to classify, you can do linear discriminant analysis, which is a classification method, albeit a somewhat old-fashioned one with some rather restrictive normality assumptions.

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