Solved – Is R viable for production (deployed) code

I have read a number of articles that talk about companies such as Google, Facebook, and many others using R for research. The other scenario I have read about is companies using R to prototype an analytics solution and then re-implement it in another language.

I am trying to find literature on companies using R for actual production analytics code. A use case might be a recommender system that user interacts with via a web page that gets a response from an R script executed on a remote server. The fact that I am having trouble finding such reports makes me wonder if it is unadvisable. If so why?

Yes it is. Look for example at this page for the wonderful headless RServe R server instance (by R Core member Simon Urbanek) which lists these deployments:

Some projects using Rserve:    The Dataverse Network Project   Phenyx                     "J" interface    Nexus BPM                       Taverna                    Bio7    INTAMAP                         Screensaver HTS LIMS       CRISP    WWARN 

with links at the page referenced above.

"Industry" tends to be more cagey about details than academia, so you will be hardpressed to find "official" statements. But vendors like Revolution Analytics or Oracle ship R and their salesmen may have stories for you….

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