Solved – How tonterpret p-value for categorical variable in multiple linear regresion?

I have a query on how to interpret the result for multiple regression with categorical variables. I have categorical variable called Stay_In_current_city_years which has 5 levels. After running the linear model I get an output with 4 different p-values.

How do I interpret this result? Does it mean that Stay_In_current_city_years1 with p-value=.0746 is not a significant predictor and Stay_In_Current_City_Years2 with p-value=.005 is a significant predictor?
If so how would remove the variables which are not statistically significant? enter image description here

Can you specify the levels of the stay_in_current_city_years variable? One of the categories becomes the reference category and that's why you have 4 p-values. The categories with p-values > 0.05 are considered to be not significantly different from the reference category with respect to their effect on the outcome variable.

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