Solved – How to test for temperature differences between years and sites

I have a dataset with monthly temperatures for 4 different years and I would like to test if they are significantly different between the years. As I collected the data for different sites I wondered if there were some possibility to perform the calculation at once or if I have to repeat it for each site. I am using the statistical software R.

Alternatively, can you indicate me some way to plot this?

My data look like this (I have some missing values):


> head(MeanTemp)   Site Year    Month     Temp 1    1 2008  January       NA 2    1 2008 February       NA 3    1 2008   March        NA 4    1 2008    April       NA 5    1 2008      May 16.22594 6    1 2008     June 18.53764 

Thank you very much

I very much doubt that the differences will be statistically significant, as there is a lot of inter-annual variability in temperatures (especially for station level data), so you will need large deviations for a statistically significant difference from a small sample of measurements. Essentially the statistical power of the test is likely to be so low that the test is not useful.

Can you give some explanation of the purpose of the study? What hypothesis are you investigating?

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