Solved – How to compare ranked data

I have some questions about how to analyze ranked data.

The data looks like this: 4 groups of people with HIV and 16 other groups of people living in the same village were asked to rank 12 challenges for people with HIV according to importance. (f.e. physical health – social acceptance – mental health – …)
How can I know if a certain challenge is perceived differently by people with HIV than by other people?

Another question:
All respondents (120) were asked to pick individually from the list of challenges the 5 that were most challenging to themselves. How can I know if people with HIV choose different challenges than other people?

What is the best way to present the findings? Are there any statistical test for it? Kruskal wallis is possible?
I've been looking all over the internet but i'm stuck..

For your second task, you could consider ordination methods, so that you are plotting the location of individuals within a multivariate 'challenge-space'. Distinct clusters for those with and without HIV would seem to support your hypothesis.

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