Solved – How to combine the responses of two sensors

I have two sets of responses from two different sensors. In each set, the first column is distance measured in feet, and the second column is the response of the sensor. Sensor A has response values in the 10-20 range, with very low variance, and Sensor B has responses in the 50-1000 range, with higher variance, over and beyond the fact that the values are of another order of magnitude. Another important issue is that the sensors fire at different, irregular rates, so the sampling rates do not match up between the sensors.

I would like to combine the data from the two sensors into one plot that reflects the confidence I have that something was sensed, based on the two responses. I am not trying to prove correlation between the two sensors; I expect them to be highly correlated. What sort of tools should I use to explore this data?

You may want to have a look on Dempster-Shafer theory. This framework has been investigated for merging information coming from sensors, for instance you can have a look at the following papers:

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