Solved – Genetic algorithm with constraint in R

I am trying to estimate a set of parameters using a genetic algorithm in R with the 'GA' package. So far I am doing something very simple (which works):

library(GA) df <- data.frame(DM=c(1000,1500),              c1=c(50,75),              c2=c(90,105))  func <- function(x1, x2, theta) theta[1]*x1 + theta[2]*x2 fitnessL2 <- function(theta, x1, x2, y) {               f <- -sum((y - func(x1, x2, theta))^2)              } GA2 <- ga(type = "real-valued", fitness = fitnessL2,           x1 = df$c1, x2 = df$c2, y = df$DM, names = c("a", "b"),            min = c(0, 0), max = c(100, 100)) 

which produces values for a,b.
However, I want to constrain a and b not individually, but as something like
a + b == 20.

Can someone please let me know if this is possible?

Thanks in advance.

If you have $a+b=20$, you have only one parameter, say $a$; the second is just $20-a$. This way you only need to tweak the function a bit and you are left with a single, simple constraint over $a$.

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