Solved – Frequency of combinations possible

I have an SPSS data set with 700+ respondents and 13 products that they could own.

Each product has its own variable
Product01 = 1 means they own product 1
Product02 = 0 means they dont own product 2
etc etc

*Edit for clarity:
For example, this would mean counting:

How many respondents have product 1, 2, 3 and none of the other 10.

How many respondents have product 5 and 8 and none of the other 11.


Does anyone have an spss syntax that could determine the frequency of the possible combinations found from the data?

Similar to this: Computing combinations
and this:

Use AGGREGATE with all 13 products as BREAK variables.

You can save the frequency of each combination ("N" or "NU") as a new variable (see the AGGREGATE link for an example).

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