Solved – Estimating out-of sample forecast for an ARIMA model

I’m trying to estimate the out-of sample forecast of an ARIMA model, I tried the code below, but it totally doesn’t work!

for(i in 1:83) {    mod[i] <- arima(window(betahat[,1], start=1, end=109+i),order=c(1,0,0),include.mean=TRUE)    pre[i] <- predict(mod[i],12)    error[i] <- pre[i]$pred[12]-betahat[(109+i+12),1] } 

the data are taken monthly and I divided the data into 2 subsets, the first composed by 109 obs and the second by 83 observations. From the code I would like to obtain the error for each 12 month forecast, so about 59 errors. In the code I probably have to add an if , the argument in [109+i+12] has to be lower than 192, but it’s not the problem.
I don’t know how to obtain each error, I would like that the outcome of the loop is the list of all the errors.
I would appreciate any suggestions.

In the future it would help if you provided error messages, etc., but for this problem it's easy enough to fix anyway. Just some comments before the code:

1) You don't have to subscript the model or predictions.
2) In the code below, betahat is a vector, not a matrix. Your betahat might also be a vector, which would have caused errors in your run (hence the value of providing the error messages!)
3) Make your for-loop indices correct!

Here you go:

betahat <- rnorm(192) error <- rep(0,71) for (i in 1:71) {    mod <- arima(window(betahat, start=1, end=109+i),order=c(1,0,0),include.mean=TRUE)    pre <- predict(mod,12)    error[i] <- pre$pred[12]-betahat[109+i+12] } 

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