Solved – Estimate Survival Function from hazard function — an inconsistent result between basehaz and survfit function

I am trying to caculate survival function in a time dependent covariates Cox model from its baseline hazard function. However, my program gives a different result compared with survfit. Based on the formula


result should match. I just need this program for illustration but speed. The data I used can be download here and program have been attached. Figure 1 shown the graph generated by the program below.

library(survival) fit.cox  <- coxph( Surv(t1,t2,event) ~ x, data = sim$data) lambda0 <- basehaz(fit.cox, centered = F)  # Estimated Baseline Hazard Function  # Caculate Survival Function t.cut   <- sim$t.cut     lambda0 <- rbind(lambda0, c(0,0) )     x       <- sim$x[1, ] beta    <- fit.cox$coefficients pred    <- exp( x * beta )  #Baseline Hazard Function  <- function(t) {     approx(x = lambda0$time, y = lambda0$hazard, xout = t)$y }  #Hazard Function <- function(t){   which.t <- sum(t >= t.cut) * pred[which.t]   }  #Survival Function <- function(t){   cum.hazard <- integrate(Vectorize(, 0, t, subdivisions = 1e3L)   exp(- cum.hazard$value) }  #Test Program test <-sim$data[1,] s.est <- Vectorize(,2,0.1)) s.est2 <- survfit(fit.cox, newdata = test, id = id,       = F, type = "efron") plot(s.est2, xlim = c(0,2)) points(seq(0,2,0.1), s.est) 

After looking for the source code of basehaz.S, I've got the reason why I am wrong here. First basehaz simply compute cumulate hazard function $Lambda_0(t)$ by using survfit instead of instantaneous hazard function $lambda_0(t)$

Second the main code for basehaz.S is

    sfit<-survfit(fit)     H<- -log(sfit$surv) 

Then it's wrong to use this function to estimate a time dependent covariates Cox model (which require id option in survfit).

I think we should avoid to use the basehaz function becuase it exists only because Prof. Therneau try to comfort SAS programmers as he described in the document of basehaz function.

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