Solved – Error increase on L2 regularization in an NN

When introducing L2 regularization on my neural network, there is a point during training where the error starts to increase after having reached a value very close to 0. This is due to the fact that when $Delta_{w}$ gets closer to 0, the most influenced term in weight update become $lambda w$, that makes the weight go closer to 0, increasing the error. No one seems to point this out when talking about regularization, so I'm a bit confused. What am I missing?

PS: I think that early stopping could be a solution, but is it the right one? And what would you do when there is no validation set to detect when the error stops decreasing and starts increasing?

Adding any regularization (including L2) will increase the error on training set. This is exactly the point of the regularization, where we increase bias and reduce the variance of the model. Hopefully, if we regularized well, as a result, the testing error will be reduced with the regularization.

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