Solved – Comparing the means of 6 groups, binary dependent variable

I accomplished a field experiment which results in six differently treated groups (including one control group, each n = 300). Due to randomization all groups are expected to be equal in terms of their characteristics (average price, average customer age, etc.). The only difference is supposed to be the treatment each group received. The resulting dependent variable (outcome) is binary (1/0).

How can I now compare the six groups in terms of their binary outcome? I want to know the respective probability of a treatment leading to outcome 1.

Is a Kruskal-Wallis test adequate or should I rather use logistic regression? Using logistic regression also involves control variables although these should be distributed equally among all groups?

Thank you very much!

The way to do this is with logistic regression with the group being the independent variable. You probably will want to control for other variables too.

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