Solved – Comparing retention rates with differing sample sizes

I'm looking to compare the retention rate of people who attended an event and those who did not. The list of those who did not (70) is significantly larger than those who have (28).

Here is an example of the data I'm looking to compare:
In April 7 people left – of those 3 attended the event and 4 did not.
I've calculated the retention rate of attended as (28-3)/28 = 89.29%
I've calculated the retention rate of non-attendees as (70-4)/70 = 94.29%

Due to the sample size, I don't think it's a proper comparison but I need a way to compare them.

Since you are comparing categorical variables (stayed or left) on two groups, you can use a Chi-square test of independence, which does not require equal sample sizes.

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