Solved – Compare two t-statistics

In a nutshell: I have performed two t-tests (A und B, each two-samples/paired). Both found significant differences. Can I tell, whether the difference observed in comparison A is significantly larger then the difference observed in comparison B?


I'd like to test a hypothesis á la "Measure D is more similar to measure E than to measure F".

Previously, hypotheses were tested, whether the three measures yield different results. Therefore, t-tests D/E and D/F have already been presented.

Now, to test the hypothesis stated above, I'd like to run a test on the t-statistics derived from the previous t-tests.

I know that there is a test to compare correlation coefficients (e.g.,, but I do not understand the idea behind sufficiently to make a transfer to t-statistics…


If there is a more elegant way thana t-test to test measures for differences – or to test if one difference is larger than another – please let me know, as well. Thanks!

I think you'd need to provide more scientific context about exactly what you are comparing, and what questions you want to answer, in order to get a definitive answer. But I think it is likely that your data could be entered into a two-way ANOVA program, and the interaction P value is what you are looking for.

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