Solved – Calculating Orwin’s (1983) modified Fail-safe N in a meta-analysis with Odds Ratio as summary statistic

I am attempting to calculate Orwin's (1983) modification of Rosenthal's (1979) Fail-safe N for my meta-analysis of Odds Ratios.

However, all the equations I am finding are using Cohen's d, which I cannot calculate (I don't have two groups).

I have STATA, SPSS, and MedCalc at my disposal.

Normally you always find ways to convert effect size. For example you can calculate $r$ from $d$ and back. So you surely will be able to converts odds ratio to Cohen's $d$.
One book I usually found a good resource for stuff like that is the one by Rosenthal & Rosnow. I think it was this one:
Rosenthal & Rosnow – Essentials of Behavioral Research: Methods and Data Analysis

But in your case you should take a look at his paper, it will probably solve your problem (but I haven't looked at it):
Chinn, S. (2000). A simple method for converting an odds ratio to effect size for use in meta-analysis. Statistic in Medicine, 19, 3127-3131.

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