Solved – Calculating heterogeneity (Cochrane $Q$ and $I^2$ statistics) in random effects model

I want to ask whether I can calculate the Cochrane $Q$ and $I^2$ statistics in a random effect model.

I collected some data from different areas and want to compare the prevalence of allergic sensitization on different areas.

However, the Cochrane $Q$ and $I^2$ statistics were quite large (usually, >= 90 for $I^2$) and I can't describe the heterogeneity of prevalence of allergen sensitization between areas.

So, if possible, I want to calculate the $Q$ and $I^2$ statistics by using new weight w'

$w'$= 1/(Var($E$)+$T^2$)

$T^2$ = $Q$-($k$-1)/(Σ$w$-Σ$w^2$/Σ$w$)


However, I'm not sure that such statistics could be applied in a random effect model.

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