Solved – Any easy way to cluster GPS trajectories

Can anyone recommend an easy way to cluster hundreds of GPS trajectories to find out their common paths? The GPS data is coming from different vehicles that have traveled thousands of miles.

There is no easy way.

  1. there is no universally useful accepted definition of what is a cluster, so how could you do clustering?

    Similarity is not objective. If you use e.g. DTW then you do assume the complete series is relevant, not e.g. only parts of it. It works on the technology part, but that doesn't mean the results are what you are looking for…

  2. Complexity and cost. In particular if you are interested in partial overlaps, cost rises drastically. Segmentation itself is surprisingly hard and needs to be solved first.

First figure out what you want. Don't start with the method, but with the exact objective: what is a good result (and how would you use it, what is its impact?)

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