Solved – a practically good data analysis process

I would like to know, or have references on, analysis process most of statistical data analysts go through for each data analysis project.

If I make a "list", to complete data analysis project, an analyst has to:

  1. first collect requirements for the project,
  2. plan/design his data analysis based on those requirements before
  3. actually pre-processing data,
  4. executing the data analysis and
  5. writing a report based on his analysis results.

For this question, I am interested in more details of Step 2. But I understand this is not practically clear cut as the analyst might have to change his plan or design according to data analysis output. Is there any reference on this subject?

My favorite "plan" or "list" is Scott Emerson's document Organizing Your Approach to a Data Analysis.

Note: the last two pages are under the heading "General Requirements for Ph.D. Applied Exam" but the advice given there generalizes to working on any analysis problem.

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